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“Focus on the activities that move your business forward in a strategic way or you’re doomed to stagnate. Forever.”

– Eric T. Wagner of Forbes

How We Serve You

First and foremost we are innovators and transformers within our own industry bringing about positive change for on demand business consulting talent serving (SMB) small & mid-size businesses. In the fall, 2018 we will be introducing a revolutionary marketplace for SMB leaders who want to build high performing businesses, along with new modular solutions that will allow business leaders to custom design solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

We provide SMB leaders with some of the top industry subject matter experts to help them build successful businesses. If you’re a business that’s short on executive or Sr. technical talent, you’ve likely experienced a number of growth-limiting challenges. We provide part-time or short term contract executive services with leading subject matter experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee to help remove barriers to your success.

Business Roadmaps Built For Your Success

There is No “Secret Sauce” to create a successful startup or small business; but, we will help you with the most proven methods used by the top entrepreneurs of today.

We work exclusively with small and mid-sized businesses who are growing, starting up or in a turn around situation. Each of our clients are armed with a weekly playbook to help to give them winning strategies with measurable results & improvements you can see week after week.

So Many Ways To Enjoy Fractional Stars According To Your Own Tastes and Flavor

From the classic in-person meeting to a warm phone call. You’ll taste the difference right away because we make it so easy and convenient as we serve you with the finest recipes to help you build and grow your business.


We stand ready to schedule a meeting in-person.

Over the Phone

Phone meetings seem to be the choice for most clients.

Skype & Email

Virtual meetings via Skype are becoming more popular that ever.

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  1. Automated Online Scheduling
  2. Screen Sharing
  3. Online Presentations
  4. Full Project Management Systems
  5. Responsive SMS Support Throughout the Week

John Frazier’s Entrepreneur Playbook Series

Click The Video Above and Get Instant Access to This Free Video

In This 5-Minute Video John Frazier Will Share With You What  He Has Learned over 20 Years About How Billion Dollar Businesses Have Been Built.

Fractional Stars is led by America’s Entrepreneur Advocate, John Frazier, who has been helping our small business & entrepreneur community for over 20 years through thought leadership, as an investment banker and serial entrepreneur.

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Years of Experience


Fractional Stars' Modular Powered Business Solution

The Only Tactical Business Solution For Small and Medium Size Business Tailored to Your Exact Needs


More Coming Soon

We are introducing the first of its kind business consulting services powered by modularized solutions for small and medium size business. This gives a business leader the ability to mix and match solutions enabling a true customized solution that is exactly tailored to fit the needs of a particular business.


One Day On-Demand Collaborative Solutions

For those special projects that need same day service and attention, we provide on-demand one day consultations that start at $1,800 for one day – six dedicated hours of continuous collaborative solutions from one of our subject matter experts with 48 hour notice. For immediate service please email using the form below or call us (512) 537-9613.

“If you’re a vetted entrepreneur or you’ve been at Google as an engineer and you’ve been at a fast-moving pace, an accelerator might even be a negative signal for a venture capitalist.”

– Erica McClain

Where Teams work better, smarter, and faster

Picture a Place Where Businesses and Consultants Work in Perfect Flow and Collaboration

Setting New Project management Standards for SMB Tactical Solutions

Our project management tools are online to simplify the way teams work together

Project management is important because it ensures proper expectations are set around what can be delivered, by when, and for how much. Yet most consultants prefer to shoot from the hip thinking phone calls are their value proposition.


At Fractional Stars project management is one of our core value propositions. Our project management tools are online to simplify the way teams work together – manage workload, track projects, move work forward, and communicate with people. Collaborating on work has never been this easy!


Where Teams work safer and securer

Picture a Place Where Entrepreneurs and Consultants Work in Secure Collaborative Environment

Setting New Security Standards for SMB Tactical Solutions

Secured with the best in 128 bit encryption through our virtual private network (VPN)

Entrepreneurs are always concerned about keeping their strategic plans or business models secure from competition or from others who may plagiarized their hard work. Yet most consultants prefer to ignore the real threats that exist with passing information between themselves and their client.


At Fractional Stars security is another one of our core value propositions. All of our devices are secured with the best in 128 bit encryption teathered through our Virtual Private Network (VPN) so your information stays secure and safe. Security has never been this easy!


Need A Subject Matter Expert?

Why settle for less than the best. Our highly vetted network is represented by some of the top industry subject matter experts with real world business experience to help to help you build a high performing business.

Each of our consultants are recognized as being one of the leading experts in their respective industry and field of specialization. We are all North American based executive level consultants that includes the world’s best talent in strategy, finance, technology, human resources, leadership, process improvement, strategic planning, change management, executive coaching, marketing, sales and operations – starting at $75/hr.

Book your free strategy session today to find the right consulting program that meets your goals and budget.

There is no obligation and is totally Risk Free!

Success in Action!

Here is what our clients have to say.

“John Frazier is a brilliant advisor and advocate for small business. He is dedicated to this as his mission, and it is in his DNA. John is up to the minute with all things related to technology and social media. He has very deep business experience and he is so willing to share what he knows. He is a visionary, truly seeing things way before most people in our industry”

-Anne Chambers

CEO, Red 212

” John has been with me since the inception of ICMC Group and has provided me with unparalleled guidance and support. What we have been able to accomplish in weeks may have taken me years to figure out on my own. John’s help has been instrumental in the success of ICMC Group. John has truly been my champion!”

Keith Singer, M.S., CEO - ICMC Group

Retired Lieutenant Commander NYPD

“John, is truly amazing. In just a short period of time he was able to give me some key advice and clear next steps to help my business move forward. His past experience and desire to help entrepreneurs makes him both knowledgeable and personable, which are qualities of great advisors. I strongly recommend.”

Amirah Cummings, MsED

Founder of the Cummings School

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