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We Help Executive Level Business Consultants Build High Performing Independent Consulting Practices

Only the Best Business Consultants & Subject Matter Experts Qualify To be In Our Network.

Are We A Fit for You?

Do you have the depth of experience, the insight, and the big picture perspective to determine avenues for business growth and sustainability?

Are you a published subject matter expert who is passionate about small & mid-size businesses?

Are you a full time business consultant who calls North America their home?

Do you have at least 8 years of experience in delivering positive change for businesses?

If you answered “Yes” to these three questions and want to build a high performing business consulting practice, let’s talk today!

Disrupting the Status Quo

Fractional Stars is disrupting the business consulting industry with a revolutionary marketplace for building high performing independent consulting practices for those who service small & mid-size businesses.

You Are Invited!

We invite you to join our network of top business consultants.

You could become part of an elite group of North American business consultants using a new revolutionary marketplace that sets new standards and creates leadership in the “gig economy” with a better solution for small and mid-size business leaders to learn, engage and execute the best strategies to grow their business.

We Inject New Momentum into Freelance Careers

Sustainable Growth for Building Clients

Our platforms helps top-tier business consultants showcase their skills, availability, and new content to a wider set of potential clients.

At Fractional Stars your role is as a high-value consultant when working on client projects. It’s the details of our high-value engagements that differentiates us from the typical, run-of-the-mill freelancing gig offered on other platforms. At Fractional Stars, our focus is on the outcomes that meet the strategic goals of the client.

We are Building the World’s Leading Content Hub That will Empower Small & Mid-Size Businesses

It’s Like Having Your Own Content Development Team
There is an abundance of content available in the small & mid-tier markets, but not all of it is worth business owner’s time (and money). Fractional Stars identifies the most impactful content in business, and assists our network of independent consultants, to consistently produce impactful content that makes a real difference.

Our Platform

Fractional Stars developed the most comprehensive and adaptable smart marketplace platform of its kind to deliver a complete range of consulting services anytime, anywhere, on any device. The Fractional Stars Platform delivers a more streamlined, integrated, interface to the entire business consulting experience.

Stand Apart

You get the backing of a national brand who returns the competitive edge you need to grow your business in today’s marketplace.

Scale Smart

You can scale with Fractional Star’s platform as much as you want. Some just want use it to supplement their business and others see it as a comprehensive solution.

Grow Beyond

Dynamic new products, services, and promotions designed specifically for you to help you grow and succeed today and tomorrow.

We Do The Things Most Consultants Won’t

Our client acquisition machine consistently delivers new clients and revenues for you.
Because we are a network platform, we simply can scale the real cost that it takes to build clients far cheaper than you can on your own. And we know how to reach the type of clients you want to serve. Our client acquisition machine with national advertising, promotional, and sales funnel programs will keep you competitive in today’s marketplace. We do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you do best.

So What’s The Catch?

The Only Catch is You Being The Best You Can Be!
Fractional Stars is completely free to signup for as long as you agree to create one content topic per month and we even help you with that. You can be as active on the platform as you want. Remember the goals is the build clients and boost your consulting revenues.

Life at Fractional Stars

We are proud to be based in Austin, Texas. We are located in the middle of Austin’s hotbed tech industry in Austin’s Domain walkable community.

If you have a passion for what our company stands for, our industry and want to make your own mark in helping small & mid-size businesses, please reach out to us using the form below.  We are hiring awesome team contributors:

  • Client Success Director – On boarding & project management
  • Content & Marketing Director

“Success Isn’t Just About What You Accomplish in Your Life, It’s About What You Inspire Others To Do!”

More About Fractional Stars

Our mission is to champion the best in human capital to create economic value helping millions of small and mid-size business leaders make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance while building a great company that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

We provide leadership in the gig economy industry with a new paradigm marketplace for small and mid-size business executive level business consultants that strengthens their role as a high-value consultant.

Fractional Stars’ corporate soul is centered on a rock solid belief in social responsibility and the desire to make a positive impact on our network consultants, clients, and the world.

Do You Have Any Questions?

How much does it cost to join Fractional Stars?

Once you are approved, It's free for freelancers to sign up and use Fractional Stars.  In order to remain active we ask that you provide one content item per month.

What about my pay and rates?

Consider industry and national standards, your level of experience and the value you place on your time when deciding your rate. Because we have a wide variety of experts, pricing can vary across several factors. We will work with you to find the right price point for your project. Typically, engagement pricing falls into the following ranges: * Hourly: $100-$200+/hour, * Part-time: $1,200-$3,200+/week. Fractional Stars' service fee is deducted from the contract amount being remitted to the freelancer in the amount of 20%, 10%, or 5% service fee depending on the total amount that's been billed with a client.

Do you cater for my area of expertise?

Our business consultants specialize in a variety of fields.  At the time of your application we will address any concerns. For the most part top-tier business consultants in niche markets are well served on Fractional Stars.

Is Fractional Stars just like Upworks?

Definitely not. Unfortunately we see Upwork to be a platform that is filled with cheap labor from a pool of non-vetted freelancers. Additionally, since anyone can post a project, Upwork projects seem to be more micro type projects. Our network is specifically for veteran executive level business consultants who are subject matter experts and want to serve the small and mid-tier business market. At Fractional Stars our client success directors actually provide personalized on-boarding services for both the consultant and the business. This is to insure both are getting the most out of our platform. The client success directors makes client introductions and assist with projected posted to insure that outcomes and goals are standardize with our project management system.

What’s the difference between a freelancer and a consultant?

We have never really had a good answer for this. A freelancer is a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer. Consultants by our definition play a more active role in the business behind a project. The best answer seems to be in this analogy, the difference between a chef and a cook; the former directs, combines, and creates, while the latter just follows recipes.

Being part of Fractional Stars' Network as a freelancer is just part of that equation. Give us a project that needs to get done and the corresponding requirements and we’ll do it. But consulting is an entirely different beast. Being a consultant requires you to think about the needs and wants of your client, and to play an active role in steering the project.

Am I qualified to join Fractional Stars?

Business consultants on Fractional Stars have a proven track record of delivering and managing projects with great client results.

They typically have the following characteristics:

  • Strong skills and experience in a functional area
  • Ability to get up to speed quickly and bring their experience working with businesses, big and small
  • Aren't afraid to roll-up-their sleeves to get things done
  • Have a passion for driving great business outcomes

In addition, we look for:

  • Case studies and recommendations from clients
  • Industry awards
  • Published thought leadership material
How Does Fractional Stars Work?

Fractional Stars is unique in that it provides small & medium size business owners the ability to interact with top-tier business consultants on a variety of collaborative platforms, to include slack channel, coaching calls for new projects & our weekly premium webinars.

What is my legal relationship with Fractional Stars?

All members are independent contractors of Fractional Stars. They act in their own capacity at all times and are not an employee, agent, partner, legal representative or joint venture of Fractional Stars, at any point.

Why do you require one content item per month?

Content used to be king, now content is a prerequisite for building authority and credibility with any subject matter expert.  We all get busy and put off this very important success strategy and that's why our content manager works with each and every consultant to help with content creation.  Content is at the heart of our platform and is our mission to build the world's leading content hub within our platform.  One example is, each one of our consultants have opportunities to participate in our featured weekly webinars.

Let’s Work Together and Build Something Awesome

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Once you are approved, It's free for freelancers to use Fractional Stars.

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