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eCommerce Architecture Solutions for Small & Medium Size Business

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How to reach the seven-figure e-commerce threshold

Thinking about jumping into the world of eCommerce for your business?

We believe that small businesses’ true success is all about the architecture. And we don’t just mean the eCommerce platform, we are talking about the entire integration of eCommerce into your business processes while streamlining new processes that must be met in order to execute a successful eComm strategy.

Or have you already taken on an eCommerce strategy that you have outgrown or is not working for you.

We see this a lot in the market as some business leaders attempt to compete in the eCommerce space trying some of the low cost solutions out there. This is not to say our solution is high cost, it’s simply a better alternative to low cost sites like Wix, Volution, or trying to hire a web developer. eCommerce is business driven and that’s why Fractional Stars built the absolute best eCommerce solution for the SMB market with the team you need for success.

Why Should You Care?

Once you’ve cleared the six-figure hurdle, it’s time to start taking advantage of the assets your business has built — in particular, your new customer base. It’s also time to start out building a strong foundation; because, without a strong foundation, you’ll never reach the seven-figure threshold.  As you scale your e-commerce company, challenges are inevitable. But by planning for the common issues from day one, you can mitigate their potential impact on your business which could hold you back from ever seeing the seven-figure threshold.

Fractional Stars built the absolute best eCommerce solution for the SMB market with the team you need for success.

We work closely with clients to recommend the very best solution for their unique needs.  Our eCommerce Architecture Solution for Small Business is built on the one of the leading platforms deployed by our 500,000 user, that is flexible, true mobile versions, rock solid and easily adopted for your brand that could possibly save you thousands in transaction based solutions. Our eCommerce Architecture includes:


  • Your eCommerce Platform integrated into your website
  • Back end solutions to streamline all your business processes
  • Marketing automation solution
  • Accounting system integration
  • Creating multi-channel revenues
  • Manage Customer Churn Rates
  • Implementing low-capital promotions
  • Fulfillment solution
  • Customer service strategy
  • Branding & SEO positioning
  • Full training to insure your success and competitiveness

Architecture Example

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