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Digital Data Interconnect for for start-ups and small businesses

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Do startups need to hire data scientists? No! But startups and small business can’t deny the importance of data.

Everyone who starts and runs a company should consider the fact that data-driven companies are generally way more likely to attract customers and become profitable as a result. Data science is a very young field that has evolved way beyond simple data analysis. Today, every business wants to increase their data science capabilities, and it’s not surprising why. A data scientist can gather business insights, and develop products that can significantly contribute to the overall business value.

The whole data science process is, however, long and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way now.

Digital Interconnect

Digital Interconnect is our newest solution being rolled out as a managed service for start-ups and small businesses. A plug & play business module, with nothing to build, integrate or learn, a business can implement new critical business functions virtually overnight. No new hires, nothing to learn or manage. Just rapid execution and measurable results & improvements you can see week after week. At the core of Digital Interconnect is

  • Your First Data Architecture
  • Identifying Customer Touchpoints
  • Capture & Store
  • Integration with All Platforms
  • Automation for All Client Touchpoints
  • High Performing Lead Pages
  • Competitor Intel
  • A/B Testing Client Touchpoints
  • Capturing and Creating KPIs and Data Points

All the Benefits – None of the Hassles

Making Human Activities Easy to Interconnect with Your Business. Yes, you need a website for your startup or small business ! But now what? What are you getting out of it, a digital presence? Your website is just the start of a customer or prospect’s journey. If your website has a call to action, give yourself and your marketing team a pat on the back.  You are doing better than 70% of B2B (business to business) websites. The reason you need a call to action is simple.  After spending a lot of money and effort putting up a website and promoting it and getting visitors to it — the last thing you want is for that visitor to leave without establishing some connection with him or her. But it takes more than a call to action to make an effective B2B website. One of the hardest tasks any startup or small business faces is finding and connecting with potential customers, then nurturing those initial contacts until they become actual customers. Marketing Automation can be defined as an automated process that aligns and streamlines all your marketing processes like customer segmentation and customer data integration. It is the fastest growing solution for small businesses. Marketing Automation also enables complex marketing activities that are very difficult to execute manually. Barriers to successful marketing automation are as follows:

  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Lack of Understanding
  • Lack of Performance tracking & Analytics
  • Cost

Accelerate Business Outcomes With A Connected Data Architecture

For most businesses data is the foundation upon which they wish to build better customer experiences, and deliver new innovative products. According to recent studies over 70% of all startups and small business are not address connected data or even collecting data on even a basic level like prospects or customers. The sad truth is the many startups burn though prospective customer without even knowing it simply because they do not have the right systems in place to capture and measure the data. It’s almost like a misuse of resource considering there are real cost to acquire customers (CAC). Successful businesses have long understood these metrics as they have such an easy way to capture and measure them.

We’ve Created the perfect marketing and data sharing stack

Our custom stack of best-of-breed solutions with the functionality you need to power your company so you don’t have to. The tools and resources you need to succeed. More information to come soon.

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