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About Us

Our Rock Solid Belief in Social Responsibility

Fractional Stars’ corporate soul is centered on a rock solid belief in social responsibility and the desire to make a positive impact on our network consultants, small & mid-size businesses, and the world.

Welcome to Fractional Stars

We are proud to be an Austin, Texas based company. Fractional Stars is a privately held company lead by founder & CEO, John Frazier who is known nationally as a catalyst for bringing about positive change and inspiring fellow entrepreneurs. Hailed as a servant leader, John’s philosophy and set of practices are to enriches the lives of his team members and customers by building an inspiring organization that leads through innovation and impact, ultimately create a more just and caring world.

Exceptional Leadership

We will be announcing our leadership team in the upcoming weeks. We believe that it takes a special kind of leaders with unique competencies, skills and vision to successfully build a great company, like Fractional Stars.

Our Team

We’re proud of our industry-leading marketplace but we’re even prouder of the people behind it. Our team has the passion for what our company stands for, our industry, who wants to make their own mark in helping small & mid-size businesses.

Epic journey

When we embarked on this journey to build an advanced technology platform to solve the “57 Million People Problem” in the “Gig-Economy”, we realized it had to be just as human as it was digital to enable a real meaningful client consultant value proposition.

The Culture at Fractional Stars


We describe our culture in two simple words: Selfless Excellence. We put the company and team ahead of oneself as we aim to be world class in everything we do.

Fractional Stars’
Core Values

Our values are the foundation of our company. Learn more about our commitment to excellence & caring for our customers, partners, & team members.

  • We listen, we care, we serve.
  • We do what we say we’ll do.
  • We practice open, real communication.
  • We face challenges with optimism.
  • We check our egos at the door.
  • We believe in people and their dreams.
  • We foster diversity, respect, and good citizenship.

We are transforming the status quo for executive consultants in the gig economy

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” - Steve Jobs

“The Gig Economy is filled with repeated business models. As a veteran business consultant, I simply believe that there is a better way to serve and help small & mid-size businesses grow, while helping business consultants create sustainable opportunities. This is what Fractional Stars is all about.”

More on the CEO

 Our Mission at Fractional Stars

Our mission is to champion the best in human capital to create economic value helping millions of small and mid-size business leaders make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance while building a great company that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

We provide leadership in the gig economy industry with a new paradigm marketplace for small and mid-size business executive level business consultants that strengthens their role as a high-value consultant.



Our Focus on North America



There is no question that we live in a period of considerable uncertainty about global markets. And the unfortunate truth is that the gig economy by enlarge has become another enabler for outsourcing jobs overseas. We remain steadfast in our belief that Fractional Stars plays an important role in economic stimulus and job growth within the North American small and mid tier markets, thus our focus with our clients and consultants is exclusive to North America.

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