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In the Spring ’19 we will be extending our existing on demand solutions that helps build high performing businesses with our new Marketplace for Business Superstars.

Solutions for Building High Performing Small & Mid-Size Businesses

If you are looking for the best in small business tactical solutions to grow & scale your business, click the button below. We are here to serve you.

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It’s no secret that organizations in the small and mid-tier markets are the ones that lack the most in resources, personnel, and expertise in all areas needed to grow and sustain their businesses.

We Unleash The Power Of Business Consulting Freelancers for Small & Mid-size Businesses

If you’re a business that’s short on executive or Sr. technical talent, you’ve likely experienced a number of growth-limiting challenges. We provide part-time or short term contract executive services with leading subject matter experts for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee to help remove barriers to your success.

Fractional Stars is a cost-effective solution that allows you to tap only the amount of a subject matter expert you need. Your fractional consultant becomes a part-time addition to your executive staff, a wing-man to the business owner, or a contract advisor, bringing a market-based perspective to crystallize strategy and help manage implementation.

The Only Platform that Allows You to Discover, Interact, And Engage With Top Business Consulting Talent On Demand To Solve Any Business Challenge

Fractional Stars is disrupting the business consulting industry with a premium marketplace platform that makes it easy to discover, interact, and engage with, top tier executive level business consultants that are the right fit for your strategic business objectives.

Our platform is fully integrated with the project and time management tools you need to streamline the freelancer engagement process, insure your project has clearly defined outcomes, along with all billing and accounting. This creates added value for both time and cost efficiencies which translate into bottom line profits for companies of all sizes.

Our marketplace will be introduced to the public in the Summer 2019. In the meantime check out our SMB solutions to help you solve some of the top business challenges!

Fractional Stars gives you access to specialized and hard-to-find talent, business transformers and leaders who specialize in one of the top 51 skills “Every Small & Mid-size Business Needs” to build a high performing business.

Gain Access to a Network of Top Industry Experts With Real World Business Experience to Help To Solve Any Business Challenge

Finance Experts

Experts in financial modeling, valuation, startup funding, and interim CFO.

Management Experts

Experts in change management, organizational problems, strategic planning, coaching, and operational improvement.

Data & Tech Experts

Experts in data science, artificial intelligence, systems architecture, and crm.

Customer Service Experts

Experts in experience management, workplace culture, customer experience, and performance coaching.

Marketing Experts

Experts in branding, story telling, online ads, content creation, and sales funnels.

Human Resources Experts

Experts in team building, culture, training, wellness, recruiting, human capital metrics, and resource planning.

From the Chief Executive Officer & Founder

“What good are subject matter experts if their expertise isn’t shared with those who need it most? The leaders of smaller enterprises who desperately need expert assistance shouldn’t be limited to friends, family, and Google to find expert help to grow their businesses. Witnessing this first hand for more than a decade, I became compelled to create a solution, a better way to serve and help small & mid-size businesses grow while helping business consultants create sustainable opportunities.”

John Frazier

John Frazier

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Ranked in the top 1% of the most influential entrepreneurs, a business strategist & consultant who life’s devotion is to help our small business and entrepreneurial community.

I have been helping and working with small and medium size business for over 20 years. The world of starting, running and growing a business has changed and evolved a lot over the years requiring successful business leaders to have a complex range of skills in place. On the other hand, the freelancer economy has also evolved with many of the brightest business minds now specialized serving niche business requirements and are not as discoverable as one might think.

Fractional Stars was created to help small and mid-sized businesses with executive level support and leadership for business strategic initiatives. We connect small and medium size businesses with the brightest minds in the world today, the transformers and leaders, to help business owners like you get access to the wisdom and time-tested strategies that will help you build and grow your business like never before.

But that’s not all….our marketplace is singularly focused with tools, videos, articles, live webinars, discussions, and resources making it possible for business leaders to learn and execute the best strategies to grow their business sometimes without hiring the consultant, the ultimate mastermind opportunity.

Chief Executive Officer

A Revolutionary Marketplace for Building High Performing Small & Mid-Size Businesses


Get the help you need with no hiring delays, head hunters, interviews or relocations. We ensure you get the right industry expert to assist you in meeting your strategic goals, big or small. Our network of rock star consultants are available on demand to help you build a high performing business.

Organizations Often Struggle to Land The Right Candidates

In a more digitally connected and knowledge-based economy, companies increasingly create value from ideas, innovation, research, and expertise. Finding the right talent matters and drives results. But small and mid-tier organizations often struggle to land the right business consultant, they need to meet their strategic goals.

Connect with 100+ Highly Vetted Independent Consultants to Power Your Business

A Fractional Stars’ Membership Has It’s Perks

Your company will gain instant access to our network of vetted North American based executive level consultants, including the world’s best talent in strategy, finance, technology, human resources, leadership, process improvement, strategic planning, change management, executive coaching, marketing, sales and operations – starting at $75/hr. Each of our consultants are recognized as being one of the leading experts in their respective industry and field of specialization.

Plus The Best Tools to Meet Your Strategic Goals

The Rock Stars Tools

As a member of our premium community our focus is to insure you have the best experience and the right tools to manage your business initiative.

The Best On-Boarding Experience

We provide you with the best on-boarding experience in the industry with an assigned client success director.

A Network of Professionals You Can Trust

We are home to only the very best in consulting talent, all vetted professional business consultants.

Project Management Tools

We provide you with collaborative workflows, project and time management tools to insure your project experience is the best.

Time, Billing & Invoices

Our time tracker is built for speed and ease of use. The entire process is professional managed from time tracking to invoicing.

Smarter Contracts

Secure contracts that incorporate timelines for completion, fee amounts, clearly defined outcomes, and protection of property or intellectual assets.

And there’s a lot more!

“Today leading companies are adopting online talent platforms as they realize that human capital management can produce significant returns on investment.”

McKinsey & Company

Solutions To Grow Your Business With The Experts

Interact, Discover Solutions, Learn, Be Inspired, and Engage


Our platform was built for small & medium size business leaders to learn, engage and execute the best strategies to grow their business.

At Fractional Stars You Can Interact & Engage With Rock Star Business Consultants

Our premium marketplace makes it easy for small & mid-size businesses leaders to discover, interact, and engage with, top tier executive level business consultants before you hire them.

Join and Connect

Interact, Discover Solutions, Learn, Be Inspired

Engage and Execute

Interact, Discover Solutions, Learn, Be Inspired, and Then Engage


Free 1:1 coaching calls for new projects


Interact with our weekly client-only webinars presented by our top rock star talent.


Access to the Fractional Stars-members Slack channel, $99/mo value.


There is an abundance of content available in the small & mid-tier markets, but not all of it is worth business owner’s time. We are building the world’s leading content hub that will empower small & mid-size businesses.


Our member driven content is filled with educational content that is not only informative, but extremely valuable with some of the best strategies


Your client success directors are passionate about providing outstanding service in making sure you get the most out of Fractional Stars.


Are you so enthralled in the perils of running your business that scaling a business seems almost impossible?

Hiring a subject matter expert is no longer a luxury for small businesses, it’s what successful leaders use to move farther & faster along their path.

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